Monday, September 12, 2011

Kuranpu Gakuen Tanteidan [clamp school detectives]

Clamp School Detectives (CLAMP学園探偵団 Kuranpu Gakuen Tanteidan?) is a manga series by Clamp, which was adapted into a 26-episode animeseries, produced by Bandai Visual and Pierrot. The manga series was serialized in Kadokawa Shoten's Monthly Asuka manga magazine between January 1992 and October 1993, spanning three tankōbon,[1] while the anime premiered in Japan on TV Tokyo between May 3, 1997 and October 25, 1997.

An early work of the all-female manga artist group Clamp, the series outlines the adventures of the Elementary School Student Board in their attempt to better the lives of the female population of Clamp School.

Tokyopop have released the manga in English across North America in three volumes. The anime series has been translated and dubbed into English by the anime television network, Animax, who have broadcast the series across its respective English-language networks in Southeast Asia and South Asia. It is distributed in North America by Bandai Entertainment, which first released it in 1998 through now out-of-print subtitled VHS videotapes, and in 2008 re-released DVDs of the series with a new English dub by Coastal Studios.[2][3]

The Clamp School Detectives is a series of episodic cases. Background is also given of Nokoru and Suoh's relationship, although this is not essential to the series



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